'What Science Can Do' | Global Rebrand

'What Science Can Do' | Corporate Film

AstraZeneca approached us to produce a series of eight films to launch their global rebrand.

We wanted our films to truly represent the human passion and brilliance behind AstraZeneca so we cast brand ambassadors from all over the world. These people are specialists in their field and it was a phenomenal experience to get to know each one of them personally.

The shoot took place in six global cities over three weeks including New York, Shanghai and Stockholm.


Director: Chris Dumont

Producer: Hannah Salvanes McLean

DOP: Nico Doldinger, Jeffrey Chu, Chris Dumont

Production Company: Silverfish Media

'What Science Can Do' | Brand Film

Director: Gareth Williams

Producer: Hannah Salvanes McLean & Gareth Williams

DOP: Nicklas Kaparty, Nico Dolginger, Tom Welsh

Production Company: Silverfish Media